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Bill Duttry

The continent of Asia has been our emphasis for our annual 2018 Missions Conference. Sadly, in Asia we find the greatest number of Unreached People Groups - many without a Bible in their own language and most who have never even heard the truth of the glorious Gospel of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. But what can we do? What can you and I personally do to change this? Should we do anything? I believe we would all agree and conclude that it is our responsibility to be involved somehow and in some way. The question then is: “How am I, how are you, and how are we going to be involved? Where do we begin?” We must give; we must pray; we must be willing to go. We must not forget them! We must keep reminders of the unreached before us at all times. With life moving at the pace it does, I fear that since we do not see these people groups, we are neither thinking of them nor praying for them. We have neglected to give proportionately so that they can receive the Gospel. The unintentional, but natural human response is: “out of sight - out of mind.” Again, it is not purposeful, but it is natural. We must be intentional in our awareness of the unreached and have a defined plan to pray for them.

Missions Emphasis Days throughout the year and Missions Conference are in place to remind us, to convict us, and to challenge us to be more involved purposefully. As a church, we must continue to give to Faith Promise yearly; we need to give at least the amount we have already given. However, the goal should be to give more than last year. Together we should endeavor to ask the Lord to increase our faith. As a church, we are investing heavily in the next coming year as we begin FirstBible School of Translation (FBST). What is that, you might say? FBST is a program to train men and women for the mission field in areas of Asia, as well as other continents and countries which have need for the Word of God. FBST is a school that will take the next foundational step in missions from not only going and preaching, but also to providing the Word of God in the needed languages of the target people groups. I have often used the verse in Haggai 1:13 to remind us that it takes the Lord’s messenger as well as the Lord’s message to reach the world with the Gospel.

Thank you for attending this year’s conference and for taking time to read the magazine. We must all do our part so they can have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In His work together,