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Welcome to Missions Conference 2021! Our focus this year is on the continent of Europe. It is incredible to contemplate that this area of the world, Europe, would have such a need for the gospel. Once a vibrant, thriving part of our world with the truth, is now in need of the gospel. This sounds much like a study in the Bible of God’s chosen people, the Jews. The book of Romans tells us their rejection of truth opened up the window of the gospel to the Gentiles.

May we heed the examples we have from the past and present of our commitment to the gospel. We must never turn our back on the truth, or one day we will be people in need because of our rejection.

As we head into Missions Conference 2021, I pray the Lord will convict, challenge, and encourage us to be faithful, stay faithful, or become faithful to Him and His Word. We desire to know God and make Him known. We must remain focused on our assignment, or we will become focused on ourselves. Thank you for your faithful giving this past year for Faith Promise. May each of us commit to giving another year at or above our present level of commitment. Our present and future missionaries need us to be faithful. Ask God what He would have you do for Him in the upcoming year.

In His work together,

Pastor Bill Duttry | Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church of Milford

pastor bill duttry