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Pastor Bill Duttry

Each year, First Baptist Church of Milford looks forward with great anticipation to Missions Conference, and it has finally arrived for 2019! It is during this annual conference that we specifically revisit our mission to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must prepare, as a church, to help our prepared messengers to reach the world with a prepared message. This year, our focus is turned toward the continent of Africa.

As we continue to train messengers and print the message of the Word of God, may we be mindful that there are many tribes and even villages and towns in Africa without a single witness—either in person or from the Bible in their language. Our goal as a church, with its ministries, is to fulfill the mission given to us by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 28:19–20.

As you read the included articles about African ministry, pray that you will be burdened to be more involved in reaching out to others both abroad and at home. I believe that the information contained on these pages will bring light to the great need for us to labor together in presenting Christ to Africa. Would you also pray for these two requests during this Missions Conference? First, pray that we will be challenged to become more like Christ (being like Jesus). And second, pray that we will become more concerned with helping others—all over the world and especially in Africa—to become more like Him too (leading like Jesus).

In His work together,

Pastor Bill Duttry | Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church of Milford