Pastor Bill Duttry

“ that ye may Excel to the edifying of the church.”
I Corinthians 14:12

Our theme for the year has been to Help Our Ministries, Members, and Missionaries to Excel (H.O.M.E.). This special H.O.M.E. Missions Conference is designed to be a blessing to our missionaries and our membership. Our desire is to see that each of us “seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church.” First Baptist Church has been blessed by the presence and power of our God. We worship Him and all honor and glory is His!

As you look through the information on this year’s website, please stop often and thank God for all He is and has done in and through His church—His people. One of the highlights for this special week of September 17-21 is having Dr. Keen as our keynote speaker. This is our third H.O.M.E. Conference, with the first being held in 2003, the second in 2010, and now this year 2017! We look forward to having all of our member missionaries with us for this special time. I would ask each of us to pray about being a blessing to our missionaries financially while they are home and by praying for our Faith Promise missions commitment for the new year. We will once again be over $400,000 in our missions giving!

Enjoy the articles and this special time. We will schedule our next H.O.M.E. missions conference for 2024. May the Lord continue to bless His church—His people—at First Baptist Church of Milford.

In His work together,


Pastor Bill Duttry | Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Milford