Featured Missionaries

RaderLance Rader

Mission Field: Bolivia, South America
Sending Church: Fundamental Baptist Church, Kincheloe, MI

I was born in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula in 1958. Received Christ at 8 yrs of age during VBS at Calvary Baptist Church in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. God began working in my life concerning missions (specifically back country missions) when I was 10. I met and married Karen during Bible College and we both graduated from Northland Batpist Bible College in 1980. The Lord took us to the field in August of 1982. Our oldest daughter was 1 year old at the time. We raised 6 children on the field. Three of the 6 are missionaries along with their families in Bolivia and 3 are currently living in the States and serving the Lord in their respective churches. Of course, you know Joeli. By God’s grace He has enabled us to establish 6 churches in back country areas and nationals who we have trained have begun 3 other churches. I am the co-founder and general director of Baptist Pioneer Mission which we direct from the field (modern technology). We have an aviation ministry (this is in transition), Bible Institute and we conduct the TROTT program (go to www.baptistpioneermission.org for more information). Our main emphasis is church planting.

SaintNathan Saint

Mission Field: Chile, South America
Sending Church: Mountain View Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

Nathan was born in Pennsylvania, spent six years as a child in Mexico, and has lived in Alabama for the past thirteen years. He was saved at 13 and surrendered to God's call to the mission field at the age of 18. He married Christine in November, 2015, and together with their daughter Hannah the Saints hope to serve the Lord planting churches in Chile. They plan to focus on establishing an existing church in Labranza, a town of about 40,000 people, and planting a church in Temuco, a city with 345,000 people.

HilliardNick Hilliard

Mission Field: Amazon, South America
Sending Church: First Baptist Church, Milford, OH

I grew up in a Christian family. Due to my father being in the Navy, we moved around a lot. Every place we moved to, my parents made sure we were always in a good church. Despite growing up in church and making a profession of faith at a young age, it was not until I was 17 years old that I finally accepted Christ's death on the cross as payment for my sin! Shortly after my salvation, I attended Biblical School of World Evangelism(BSWE) with the intent and desire to serve God on the mission field. Through a series of events, God allowed me to complete my internship with BSWE in Brazil, while serving alongside Bro. Sean Lunday. It was in Brazil that God opened my eyes to the needs of the people in the Amazon - those who have not heard the Gospel. Since my internship, God has brought my wife, Shaney, and I together and given us a son, Gabriel. Together, our goal is to work with the unreached people of the Amazon, particularly the many tribes that still have not heard the Gospel.

LundaySean Lunday

Mission Field: Brazil, South America
Sending Church: Windsor Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Sean Lunday was raised a Roman Catholic and later saved as a result of a Gospel tract, "God's Simple Plan of Salvation", left on the windsheild of his car. Arriving in Brazil in 1993, together with his wife, Stephanie, and three sons, he has been involved in planting four churches and teaming with other missionaries to work with Bible institutes, Christian camps, radio and children's home ministries. In 2006 they began an outreach ministry, www.AmazonForChrist.org, to lead med-evangelism teams in the Amazon basin. Brother Lunday currently serves as the Brazil Director for BIMI.